Plan Of Conservation
and Development

Introduction to the Plan

The Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD or the Plan) is the City’s guide for managing growth and conserving resources.  The City’s Planning Commission is responsible for updating the Plan every ten years as mandated by the State. The Plan addresses multiple issues related to stewardship of the City and provides a foundation for City policy, capital investment, and its zoning regulations.  Danbury last undertook this process ten years ago culminating in the 2013 POCD.  This effort will provide an updated Plan that will address important issues related to Danbury’s growth and will provide a vision for its future.

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Plan Elements

Economic Development
Open Space and Environmental Resources
Historic and Cultural Resources
Transportation and Infrastructure
Facilities and Services
Regional Context

Project Schedule

Winter 2021

Project launch and existing conditions research, initial meetings with Oversight Committee.

Spring 2021

Review of socioeconomic and demographic trends, explore neighborhood and transportation issues and needs.

Summer 2021

Explore land use and zoning, housing and development, and infrastructure issues and needs.

Fall 2021

Launch public engagement campaign including online survey and in-person or virtual public meetings and workshops.   Explore open space, environmental, historic, and cultural resources.

Winter 2022

Begin development of Plan recommendations, prepare drafts of Plan.

Spring 2022

Prepare draft Plan for public review, conduct presentations of the Plan.

Summer 2022

Develop plan document and future land use plan

Fall 2022

Bring the Plan to public hearing for approval

Planning Team

City of Danbury Department of Planning and Zoning

Sharon Calitro | Director & Jennifer Emminger | Deputy Planning Director

Planning Consultants

FHI Studio(lead planning firm), LUMI Agency (branding and communications), RKG (housing and economics), and CH Planning (transit oriented development and redevelopment).

Oversight Committee
Arnold Finaldi
Chairman Planning Commission
Brigid Guertin
Danbury Museum & Historical Society
Candace Fay
Danbury Zoning Commission
Ed Siergiej
Former Env./Lake Commissions
Fernanda Carvalho
Health & Human Services Dept.
Fred Visconti
Danbury City Council
Gary Renz
Planning Commission
Helen Hoffstaetter
Planning Commission
Joel Urice (in memoriam)
Planning Commission
Juan Rivas
Danbury Zoning Board of Appeals
Kevin Haas
Planning Commission
Matthew Cassavechia
Director, Emergency Services
Paul Rotello
Danbury City Council
Perry Salvagne
Planning Commission
PJ Prunty
Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce
Richard Jannelli
Danbury Board of Education
Robert Chiocchio
Planning Commission
Shay Nagarsheth
Economic Development & Business Advocacy
Timothy Nolan
Superintendent of Public Services
Vincent DiGilio
Danbury City Council
Meetings + Events
Committee Meeting
March 8th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
March 8th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM
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Committee Meeting
March 8th, 2021 @ 4:00 PM
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